ⓘ Chloroclystis novaguineana


ⓘ Chloroclystis novaguineana

  • consists of lower and upper montane areas. Chloroclystis semiscripta semiscripta New Guinea Chloroclystis semiscripta brychoma Prout, 1958 Sulawesi

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Chloroclystis semiscripta pedia.

Возможно, вы имели в виду:. Full text of New Lepidoptera from Africa and the East. SpeciesChloroclystis acervicosta. SpeciesChloroclystis acompsa. Species​Chloroclystis actephilae. SpeciesChloroclystis novaguineana. Full text of The annals and magazine of natural history zoology. Chloroclystis ingår i familjen matare. Chloroclystis nina Chloroclystis nobbsi Chloroclystis novaguineana Chloroclystis nubifera Chloroclystis nudifunda. User:Ganeshbot Animalia Macrolepidoptera Page10 Visually. Chloroclystis novaguineana sp. n. c£. Primaries with basal area glaucous, intersected by a fine line o£ white, and followed by a broad uneven whitish band,​.

Chloroclystis names Encyclopedia of Life.

Chloroclystis novaguineana Chloroclystis nubifera Prout, 1932 Chloroclystis nudifunda Prout, 1958 Chloroclystis oblongipennis Warren, 1902 Chloroclystis. Chloroclystis – pedia. Chloroclystis gymnoseclides Janse 1917. Misapplied according to Chloroclystis acervicosta Prout 1958 Chloroclystis novaguineana Bethune ​Baker 1915. Chloroclystis: CLASSIFICATION ADW. Chloroclystis novaguineana Bethune Baker, 1915. Chloroclystis semiscripta is a moth in the family Geometridae. It is found in New Guinea and on. Chloroclystis novaguineana, sp. n. c?. Primaries with basal area glaucous, intersected by a fine line of white, and followed by a broad uneven whitish band,​.

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