ⓘ Chytonix macdonaldi


ⓘ Chytonix macdonaldi

  • Chytonix sensilis, the barrens chytonix is a species of moth of the family Noctuidae found in North America. It ranges from Quebec to Florida, and from

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Chytonix sensilis Grote, 1881. Chytonix ruperti Franclemont, 1941 1. Chytonix macdonaldi Benjamin, 1922. Chytonix submediana Strand. Species Chytonix sensilis Hodges 9557. Chytonix leucosema n. sp. Fore femora of male with tliick fringe of long Parnassius delpbius macdonaldi subsp. nov. This is a very distinct subspecies, being. Phylogenetic Checklist Index of North Moth Photographers Group. Male genitalia of Chytonix sensilis Grt. Fig. 2. R. Rupert. The North Amcrican spcciesooi thc genus Chytonix may be listed as follows, macdonaldi Benj. Novitates Zoologicae V35 123doc. Macdonaldi Benjamin, Chytonix, 932249. macerata Smith, Phosphila– ssp., 932209. 9867, macfarlandi Buckett & Bauer, Annaphila, 931752. Chytonix sensilis pedia. Chytonix submediana Strand, 1916 Chytonix macdonaldi Benjamin, 1922. Chytonix sensilis, the barrens chytonix, is a species of moth of the family Noctuidae found in.

APPENDIX 3. Species of Greatest Conservation Concern by State.

ChytonixGrote, 1874. 9556. 932249.5. palliatricula Guenee, 1852. iaspis ​Guenee, 1852. macdonaldiBenjamin, 1922. rupertiFranclemont, 1941. Full text of The Canadian entomologist Internet Archive. Chytonix albiplaga Hampson 1914 this page Chytonix albiquadrata Draudt 1950 Chytonix sensilis macdonaldi Benjamin Chytonix. Full text of Novitates Zoologicae Internet Archive. 15 ELEMENT GLOBAL.2.106527 106528 Oncorhynchus clarkii macdonaldi 109225 Agriopodes fallax ELEMENT GLOBAL.2.109225 109226 Chytonix.

Phylogenetic Checklists of North Moth Photographers Group.

152 Chrysophanus, 226, 237 consiinilis Polyptychus, 190 Chytonix, consors Melanerpes, 273 maccormioki Stercorarius, 275 macdonaldi Chlamydcra,. BISON Scientific Names C USGS Bison. Map of Chytonix ruperti Map of Chytonix sensilis Map of Chytridium Map of Conocara macdonaldi Map of Conocara macroptera Map of Conocara.


80, Insects, A Noctuid Moth, Chytonix sensilis, NJ, NBII, SWAP species list 387, Other Invertebrates, No Common Name, Diplosoma macdonaldi, SC, NBII,. Grote Chytonix rupert,i n. sp. Cambridge University Press.

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