ⓘ Chytonix submediana


ⓘ Chytonix submediana

  • Chytonix sensilis, the barrens chytonix is a species of moth of the family Noctuidae found in North America. It ranges from Quebec to Florida, and from
  • 1766 - ON, QC, NB, BC Chytonix divesta Grote, 1874 - BC Chytonix palliatricula Guenee, 1852 - ON, QC, NB, NS, BC, AB, SK, MB Chytonix sensilis Grote, 1881 - ON
  • Ipimorpha pleonectusa, even - lined sallow moth 9556 - Chytonix palliatricula, cloaked marvel moth 9557 - Chytonix sensilis 9558.1 - Niphonyx segregata 9559 - Oligia

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Species Chytonix sensilis Hodges 9557.

Chytonix sensilis. A Noctuid Moth. S1S2. Cordulegaster obliqua. Arrowhead A Noctuid Moth. S2. Zale submediana. Noctuid Moth. S3. Zanclognatha martha. Moth - identification guide - Discover Life. Chytonix sensilis Grote Noctuidae. Pitch pine–scrub Pinus rigida. Zale submediana Strand Noctuidae fungus moth Chytonix sensilis Grote, may peak in.

Apamea SCAN.

Chytonix sensilis a noctuid moth. S1 S2. Cucullia speyeri. S3. Erastria coloraria Zale submediana. S2. Zanclognatha martha a noctuid moth. T. - - - - - - - Rare. Karner Blue Butterfly Recovery Plan US Fish and Wildlife Service. 512, Butterflies Moths, Chytonix sensilis, A Noctuid Moth. 513, Butterflies Moths 775, Butterflies Moths, Zale submediana, An Erebid Moth. 776, Butterflies. Endangered, Threatened and Special Concern Invertebrates. Bryolymnia semifascia Smith 1900 Chytonix. Bryolymnia Chytonix palliatricula Guenee 1852 Bryophila Zale submediana McDunnough 1938 ​Zale.

Rare Animal List for New Hampshire SILO of research documents.

SpeciesChytonix albimacula. SpeciesChytonix albiquadrata. SpeciesChytonix albonotata SpeciesChytonix submediana. SpeciesChytonix variegata. Connecticuts Endangered, Threatened and Special McLean. Apamea submediana. Images not available. Map not. Available Apamea. Chytonix palliatricula Image of Chytonix palliatricula. Apamea. Condica albigera​.

Entomologist Maryland Entomological Society.

SpeciesChytonix submediana ADW Pocket Guides on the iOS App Store! The Animal Diversity Web team is excited to announce ADW Pocket Guides!. Appendix A. Chytonix palliatricula, 26. Cicinnus melsheimeri, 44. palliatricula, Chytonix, 26. pallidus, Heterachthes 42 sub mediana, 42 undu laris, 27 unilineata, 27. SGCN Invertebrate Database State SGCN List. Chytonix diehli Chytonix divesta Chytonix mniochroa Chytonix palliatricula Chytonix sensilis unclassified Chytonix Crambodes talidiformis.

DatasetSI2 PLoS.

Chytonix species, Owlet moth, NA, Here Phenology Cirrhophanus triangulifer, Owlet moth, NA, Here Phenology Cissusa spadix, Black dotted brown, NA. North Carolina Moth List as of June 2012 2329, 8702, Zale submediana, NJ GA, March – July. 2330, 8703, Zale 2717, 9557, Chytonix sensilis includes 9559, QC FL AL, July – October. 2718, 9560. Rare Plants, Rare Animals, and Exemplary Natural Communities in. 931037 8702 Zale submediana Strand, 1917. Resident, Divisions 2, 3, 4, 932249.5 9556 Chytonix palliatricula Guenee, 1852. Resident. Noctuidae CTD. Confusa, Confused Zale Moth. 08702, Noctuidae, Zale, submediana American Angle Shades. 09556, Noctuidae, Chytonix, palliatricula, Cloaked Marvel.

Phylogenetic Checklist Index of North Moth Photographers Group.

Metatoides much too early were reported which probably included Z. submediana. It is possible but not likely that the Xykena curvimacula was. And Lars Crabo Squarespace. 67, A Noctuid Moth, chytonix sensillis, 1, 3, VH. 68, A Noctuid Moth, Cucullia 86, Noctuid Moth, zale submediana, 1, 2, VH. 87, Papaipema lysimachiae. Connecticut Species of Greatest Conservation Need 2015. 9686, semifascia Smith, Bryolymnia, 932246 9085, semiflava Guenee submediana Strand, Chytonix, 932249 8702, submediana Strand, Zale. Chytonix – pedia. Zale submediana Strand, 1917, Zale submediana, Zale submediana 762, 761, Noctuidae, Noctuinae, Elaphriini, Chytonix sensilis Grote​, 1881.

2018 Season Summary Yale University.

Male genitalia of Chytonix sensilis Grt. Fig. 2. The North Amcrican spcciesooi thc genus Chytonix may be listed as follows, form submediana Strand. Sheet1. 85, 700, Chytonix sensilis, A noctuid moth, X, X, X, G4. 86, 701, Cicinnus 219, 1064, Zale submediana, A Noctuid Moth, X, X, X, S1? G4. 220, 1065.

Butterflies and Moths of Ontario, Canada.

Chytonix sensilis. Oligia bridghamii Bridghams Papaipema baptisiae. Chytonix palliatricula Cloaked Marvel Zale submediana. Pangrapta decoralis. Preliminary Inventory of Lepidoptera From Cook Valpo Scholar. Chytonix sensilis A noctuid moth. Heritage Network Zale submediana A noctuid moth. Heritage Network Chytonix ruperti. Rank: G3. Taxonomy browser Noctuidae NCBI NIH. Chytonix sensilis. A noctuid moth. G4. SNR. Cicinnus melsheimeri. Melsheimers sack Zale submediana. A noctuid moth. G4. S1S3. Zanclognatha martha. Goldfinch lepidoptera at master google goldfinch GitHub. Submediana Strand, 1917. CHYTONIX Grote, 1874. 9556 9169, Acronicta quadrata 9224, Selicanis cinereola 9430, Chytonix sensilis.

Query By Location Results Society of Kentucky Lepidopterists.

8702 Gray Spring Zale submediana, 8702 Gray Spring Zale 9556 Cloaked Marvel Chytonix palliatricula, 9556 Cloaked Marvel Chytonix​. Shrubland Lepidoptera of southern New England and CiteSeerX. 931034 8 3 8 19 squamularis Drury 931035 6 submediana Strand 931037 Guenee 932249 2 1 4 2 7 18 Chytonix palliatricula Guenee 932249.5 14 4​. Invertebrates PA Fish & Boat Commission. E, Barrens Chytonix, Chytonix sensilis. SC, Northeastern beach tiger beetle SC, Gray spring zale, Zale submediana. T, Pine barrens zanclognatha.

Chytonix sensilis pedia.

Curated hierarchies for Chytonix rufescens Hampson 1908 Chytonix albiquadrata Draudt 1950 Chytonix albonotata Chytonix submediana Strand 1921. Camp Edwards Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan. Submediana Strand ATOZ. 880 21. ZaLe helata Sm. A7O4 Chytonix. DipEerygia. Nedra. Phosphil,a passer Gn. modica cn. onusta Grt. velata Grt. Moths and Butterflies of Vermont Lepidoptera University of Vermont. Morbid Owlet Chytonix palliatricula Cloaked Marvel Zale submediana ​1 Zale unilineata 1 Z Species of Chrysoteuchia 1. Chytolita 1. Chytonix 1. Species of Greatest Conservation Need Regional Conservation. Schinia lucens HT & PP, Apamea lutosa HT, Chytonix sensilis HT, Hadena capsularis PP, Ulolonche culea HT & PP, 8702a Zale submediana sp. 1.

Moths Hodges 0001 11233 Photo Gallery by Tom Murray at pbase.

Celastrina neglectamajor Appalachian blue. Chytonix sensilis Barrens Chytonix Zale submediana Gray spring zale. Believed Extirpated. g The following. Moth checklist pagemaker. Barrens chytonix. Chytonix sensilis. SC Regal moth. Citheronia regalis. SC Speyers paint Zale submediana. T. Pine barrens zanclognatha. Zanclognatha​.

An all taxa biodiversity inventory of the huron mountain club.

Chytonix palliatricula. Chytonix sensilis. Cicinnus melsheimeri. Cingilia catenaria​. Cisseps Zale metatoides. Zale minerea. Zale obliqua. Zale submediana. Chytonix rufescens Hampson 1908 names Encyclopedia of Life. 345, Chytonix ruperti, Noctuid Moth sp. X. 346, Chytonix sensilis, Noctuid Moth sp​. X, X. 347, Cicindela 1310, Zale submediana, Noctuid Moth sp. X, C X, T X. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Law Insider. Chytonix ruperti sensilis. Franclemont f. 1697. Chytonix sensilis. Grote m. 3221​. Chytonix sensilis. Grote m submediana f. 7676. Zale submediana m. 6676.

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