ⓘ Legislative Yuan constituencies in Taoyuan City


ⓘ Legislative Yuan constituencies in Taoyuan City

Taoyuan City electoral constituencies consist of 6 single-member constituencies in Taoyuan, Taiwan, each represented by a member of the Republic of China Legislative Yuan.


1. Current constituencies

Taoyuan City was formerly Taoyuan County and all constituencies were named accordingly.

  • Taoyuan City Constituency V - Pingzhen, Longtan
  • Taoyuan City Constituency VI - Bade, Daxi, Fuxing, Zhongli 12 villages
  • Taoyuan City Constituency IV - Taoyuan 65 villages
  • Taoyuan City Constituency I - Luzhu, Guishan, Taoyuan 11 villages
  • Taoyuan City Constituency II - Yangmei, Xinwu, Guanyin, Dayuan
  • Taoyuan City Constituency III - Zhongli 73 villages

2. Legislators

Kuomintang Democratic Progressive Party Independent

John Wu resigned in 2009 after his election as Taoyuan County magistrate.

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