ⓘ 1925 Llandeilo Rural District Council election


ⓘ 1925 Llandeilo Rural District Council election

An election to the Llandeilo Rural District Council was held in April 1925. It was preceded by the 1922 election and followed by the 1928 election. The successful candidates were also elected to the Llandeilo Board of Guardians.


1. Overview of the result

As in the past many candidates stood without party affiliations although an increased number of Labour candidates contested the industrial wards but the party lost ground following the partys defeat at a national level at the 1924 General Election. As in previous elections a number of the members representing rural wards were returned unopposed.


2. Llandeilo Board of Guardians

All members of the District Council also served as members of Llandeilo Board of Guardians. In addition, three Guardians were elected to represent the Ammanford Urban District and another three to represent the Cwmamman Urban District, both of which also lay within the remit of the Llandeilo Guardians. A further three Guardians were elected to represent the Llandeilo Urban District.

Elected candidates at both Ammanford and Cwmamman stood specifically as Liberals, in contrast to the non-political nature of previous Guardians elections.

Ammanford three seats

The three sitting members, including Henry Herbert, a Guardian for nearly forty years, were re-elected.

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