ⓘ List of films shown at Crazy8s


ⓘ List of films shown at Crazy8s

  • 8 Parts directed by Ryan Bonder
  • The Rememberer directed by Coreen Mayrs and produced by Christopher Gora
  • untitled directed by Harry Killas and produced by Paul Scherzer

1. Crazy8s 2000

  • Mr. Fortune’s Smile directed by Bruce Marchfelder
  • Power of Persuasion Fly directed by James Dunnison
  • My Life in 8 Minutes directed by Sandy Wilson
  • Earliest Memory Exercise directed by Stacy Stewart Curtis
  • Lift directed by Scott Weber

2. Crazy8s 2001

  • Along for the Ride directed by Michael Love
  • happyland directed by Veda Hille
  • Tundra directed by Allan Harmon and produced by Jason Cameron
  • Briggs directed by Bill Switzer
  • The Waiting Room directed by Penelope Buitenhaus and produced by A. Jonathan Benny and Isabelle Longnus

3. Crazy8s 2002

  • Mary’s Stigmata directed by Rae Dawn Chong
  • Swimming Upstream directed by Bonnie Benwick and produced by Jason Cameron
  • The Good Life directed by Peter Chrzanowski
  • Candy From Strangers directed by Eric Johnson and produced by Jason Cameron
  • REM directed by Carl Bessai

4. Crazy8s 2003

  • Danny and the Fairy G directed by Peter Stebbings
  • 21st Century Scott directed by Matt Sinclair and produced by Samantha Morris
  • Dogme Kung Fu! directed by Terry Mialkowsky and produced by Asha Gill and Ed Hatton
  • 50 Questions directed by Jacqueline Samuda and produced by Clare Hodge and Gerry Rutherford
  • Do Not Disturb directed by A. Jonathan Benny and produced by Isabelle Longnus

5. Crazy8s 2004

  • Flush directed by Alec MacNeill Richardson & Niall MacNeill Richardson and produced by Sean Cummings
  • Zapruder vs. Sasquatch directed by Ed Hatton
  • Man. Feel. Pain. directed by Dylan Akio Smith and produced by Wendy Russell
  • Chemistry directed by Cameron Labine and produced by Marc Stephenson
  • My Father is an Actor directed by Sara McIntyre and produced by Naomi Wright

6. Crazy8s 2005

  • All In directed by Guy Judge and produced by Daljit DJ Parmar
  • .nettirwnU directed by Kaare Andrews and produced by Mel Weisbaum
  • Sandra Gets Dumped directed by Tracy D Smith and produced by Sophie McGarry and Chad Allan Smith
  • Crazy Late directed by Zach Lipovsky and produced by Chris Ferguson
  • 24/7 directed by Kelly-Ruth Mercier and produced by Bonnie Jean Mah and Nancy Welsh

7. Crazy8s 2006

  • Sand Castle directed by Katrin Bowen and produced by Tihemme Gagnon
  • John Day Afternoon directed by Luke Divers and produced by Shawn Divers
  • Breakdown directed by John Bolton and produced by Errin Lally
  • Fool’s Gold directed by Jordan Christianson and produced by Lauren Grant
  • Circumference directed by CJ Wallis and produced by Michael David George and Marilyn Thomas
  • The Critic directed by Jaman Lloyd and produced by Chris Ferguson
  • Remission Impossible directed by Ken Hegan and produced by Nancy Welsh
  • Ashes to Ashes directed by Samm Barnes

8. Crazy8s 2008

  • Under Pressure: A Story of Microscopic Stakes directed by Daneil DeVita & Mike Dinsmore and produced by Graham Wardle
  • Pi Day directed by Jon Anctil and produced by Scott Mainwood and Malcolm Oliver
  • Nobody Special directed by Robert Kirbyson and produced by Tracey Nomura
  • After the Beep directed by Lewis Bennett and Mark Boucher and produced by Chris Eastwood
  • Verna directed by Jeffrey Hornung
  • Bethany directed by Zach Gayne & Alex Essoe
  • Minimum Wage, The Night Shift directed by Jeremy Maeers
  • Nobody Special directed by Laura Dione Rooke

9. Crazy8s 2009

  • Riboflavin! directed by Blair Dykes
  • The Mechanic directed by Michael Grand and produced by James Brown
  • Not Another Damn Musical directed by Chris Goldade and produced by Neil Dougall
  • Cash AToM directed by Tyson Hepburn and produced by John Driftmier
  • Mike Inc. directed by Jose Pablo Gonzalez and Paal Wilhelm Nesset and produced by Ryan Basaraba, Adrian Cox and Nilou Shahvarani
  • Teaser directed by Lidia Stante

10. Crazy8s 2010

  • The Education of Wendy Wisconsin directed by Dwight Hartnett and produced by Pat Sayer
  • Sad Bear directed by Liz Cairns and Joe LoBianco and produced by Erica Landrock, Erik Paulsson and Marc Stephenson
  • Tunnel directed by Arianna McGregor and produced by David Jevons
  • Stupid Chainsaw Tricks directed by Kellie Ann Benz and produced by Christopher Shyer
  • Sikat directed by Angelina Cantada and produced by Ita Kane-Wilson and Olesia Shewchuk
  • Cat vs. Man directed by Zia Marashi and produced by Cole Hewlett and Mark MacDonald

11. Crazy8s 2011

  • Colouring on the Walls directed by Shaun McKinlay and produced by Athan Merrick and Julie Stangeland
  • Run Dry directed by Sarah Crauder and Lindsay George and produced by Jordan Hall and Melanie Lê Phan
  • Chained directed by Rehan Khokhar and produced by Matt Granger and Mikey Granger
  • Dead Friends directed by Stephen W. Martin and produced by Kate Clarke, Alexander Glua and Katelyn Mann
  • Alchemy and Other Imperfections directed by Zachary Rothman and produced by Heather Lindsay
  • Funny Business directed by Russell Bennett and produced by Kate Green and Siobhan McCarthy

12. Crazy8s 2012

  • A Mother’s Love directed by Camille Mitchell and produced by Jonathan Tammuz
  • Sleepy Stories directed by Andrew Rowe and produced by Laura Hope and Michael Rowe
  • The Vessel directed by Marshall Axani and produced by Diana Donaldson and Graham Wardle
  • The Weather Girl directed by Carleen Kyle and produced by Nathalie de Los Santos
  • A Red Girl’s Reasoning directed by Elle-Maija Tailfeathers and produced by Rose Stiffarm
  • These Walls directed by Doreen Manuel and produced by Tamara Bell and Kirstie Satchwell

13. Crazy8s 2013

  • Stewing directed by Sean Tyson and produced by Patrick Currie
  • Braindamage directed by Matt Leaf and produced by Victoria Angell
  • Manstruation directed by Ryan Haneman and produced by Derek Green
  • In the Deep directed by Nimisha Mukerji and produced by Haydn Wazelle and Anand Raghavan
  • When I Saw You directed by Jane Hancock and produced by Nicholas Carella and Michelle Ouellet
  • Under the Bridge of Fear directed by Mackenzie Gray and produced by Ryan Catherwood and Simona Atias

14. Crazy8s 2014

  • Sacrifice directed by Ryan Atimoyoo and produced by Peggy Thompson
  • Dial Y for Yesterday directed by Greg Crompton and produced by Darren Borrowman
  • Mattress directed by Michelle Kee and produced by David Kelso and Emma Peterson
  • Earthlickers directed by Tony Mirza and produced by Justine Warrington, Alison Araya, Jim McKeown and Keli Moore
  • Body Language directed by Maeva Thibeault and produced by Jon Warne
  • Bedbugs: A Musical Love Story directed by Matthew Kowalchuk and produced by Sean Tyson

15. Crazy8s 2015

  • One Last Ride directed by Caitlin Byrnes and produced by Jordan Barber, Caitlin Byrnes and Kyle Hollett
  • The Wolf who Came to Dinner directed by Jem Garrard and produced by Michael Khazen
  • The Twisted Slipper directed by Angie Nolan and produced by Siobhan McCarthy and Katie Schaitel
  • Kindergarten: Da Bin Ich Wieder directed by Aubrey Arnason and Kalyn Miles and produced by Laura Toplass
  • Outside the Lines directed by Scott Belyea and produced by Keli Moore and David Rice
  • Under a Glass Moon directed by Mo Soliman and produced by Brent McCorkle

16. Crazy8s 2016

  • Iteration 1 directed by Jesse Lupini and produced by Arshia Navabi and Mert Sari
  • Meet Cute directed by Patrick Currie and produced by Michele Picard, Michelle Morris and Yogi Omar
  • A Family of Ghosts directed by Shannon Kohli and produced by Rob Meekison
  • Grocery Store Action Movie directed by Matthew Campbell and produced by Ryan Silva, David Kaye and Jameson Parker
  • Trying directed by Shauna Johannesen and produced by Lulu Pan
  • I Love You So Much Its Killing Them directed by Joel Ashton McCarthy and produced by Nach Dudsdeemaytha, Keli Moore and Marena Dix

17. Crazy8s 2017

  • Anh Hung directed by Lelinh Du and produced by Frazer MacLean
  • Woodman directed by Mike Jackson and produced by Rory Tucker, Rozlyn Young and Avi Glanzer
  • Cypher directed by Lawrence Le Lam and produced by Nach Dudsdeemaytha
  • The Undertakers Son directed by Heath Affolter, Jon Affolter and Thomas Affolter and produced by Rebeka Herron, Heath Affolter, Jon Affolter, Thomas Affolter and Nathan Affolter
  • The Prince directed by Kyra Zagorsky and produced by Patrick Sabongui, Janene Carleton, Danielle Stott-Roy and Robin Nielson
  • No Reservations directed by Trevor Carroll and produced by Ben Mallin

18. Crazy8s 2018

  • Small Fish directed by Maxime Beauchamp and produced by Kent Donguines
  • Gemini directed by Mily Mumford and produced by Phil Planta and Mayumi Yoshida
  • CC directed by Kailey Spear & Sam Spear and produced by Natasha Wehn
  • Extra-Ordinary Amy directed by Christopher Graham and produced by Kris McRonney
  • Shuttlecock directed by Melanie Jones and produced by Kristyn Stilling
  • Bordered directed by Anaïsa Visser and produced by Darren Devlin & Marco Bossow

19. Crazy8s 2019

  • Parabola directed by Lee Shorten and produced by Phil Planta and Brittany Lum-Cho
  • Hatch directed by Heather Perluzzo and produced by Robin Macabulos
  • Unkept directed by Michael P. Vidler and produced by Pawan Deol
  • Ada directed by Steven Kammerer and produced by Amanda Konkin, Camille Hollett-French, Michael Khazen, Otto Mak and Kathleen Staples
  • Idols Never Die directed by Jerome Yoo and produced by Mike Johnston, Thomas Affolter, Derek Kwan and Lawrence Le Lam
  • The Mirror directed by Nessa Aref and produced by Madeleine Davis, Gabrielle Lambert and Sinead Hughes

20. Crazy8s 2020

  • This Is a Period Piece directed by Bruna Arbex and produced by Karina Villela & Andrea Widjajanto
  • Bitsy Spider directed by Brodi-Jo Scalise and produced by Josh Farnworth
  • The Quieting directed by Ali Liebert and produced by Avi Glanzer, Nicolas Ayerbe Barona and Rebecca Steele
  • Mr. James Is Dead directed by Daniel Irving and Josh Aries and produced by Luisa Muniz and Mara Cruz
  • The Substitute directed by Malibu Taetz and produced by David Mora Perea
  • Sol directed by Andy Alvarez and produced by Kate McCallum and Mike Johnston

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