ⓘ Leon Halkin


ⓘ Leon Halkin

Halkin was born in Liege on 28 December 1872, the younger brother of Joseph Halkin 1870-1937, who would become professor of geography at the University of Liege. He studied Greek and Latin at the Athenee royal de Liege, and graduated from the University of Liege on 24 July 1894 with a doctorate in classical philology. His doctoral thesis, Les esclaves publics chez les Romains, was published in Brussels in 1897. In 1895 he won a travel bursary, with which he studied at the College de France and the Ecole pratique des hautes etudes in Paris, following courses by Antoine Heron de Villefosse, Rene Cagnat and Louis Havet.

Halkin briefly taught at the Athenee royal de Mons 1896 and the Ecole des Cadets in Namur 1897, and on 20 February 1900 he was appointed to the University of Liege, where he remained for the next forty-three years. He became a full professor in 1908, and retired on 28 December 1942.

Halkin was a practising Catholic who was a member of the Third Order of Saint Francis and of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. He was married to Elvire Courtoy 1873–1947, with whom he had five children, including Leon-Ernest Halkin, professor of history at the University of Liege, and the Bollandist François Halkin. He died at Esneux on 3 September 1955.


1. Writings

  • Correspondance de J F. Schannat avec G. de Crassier et Dom E. Marlene Brussels, 1903
  • Lettres inedites du bollandiste Du Sollier à lhistorien Schannat, 1721-1734 Brussels, 1945
  • Correspondance de Dom E. Martene avec le Baron G. de Crassier Brussels, 1898
  • Les esclaves publics chez les Romains Brussels, 1897
  • Les Freres de la Vie commune de la Maison Saint-Jerome de Liege Liege, 1945
  • Lettres inedites du Baron G. de Crassier à Bernard de Montfaucon Leuven, 1897
  • Une description inedite de la ville de Liege en 1705 Liege, 1948
  • Les origines du College des Jesuites et du Seminaire de Liege Liege, 1927
  • La supplication daction de grace chez les Romains Paris, 1953

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