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CanSino Biologics

ⓘ CanSino Biologics

CanSino Biologics was founded in 2009 in Tianjin, China by Yu Xuefeng, Zhu Tao, Qiu Dongxu and Helen Mao Huihua.

In July 2018, it filed an application to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It debuted on 28 March 2019 with an increase of 59%, the highest first day trading gain in Hong Kong since 2017.


1. Vaccines

The company has a portfolio of vaccines under research including Ad5-EBOV to prevent Ebola and Ad5-nCoV for COVID-19. Both are developed jointly with the Institute of Biotechnology of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences of the Peoples Liberation Army.

The company has also collaborated with the National Research Council of Canada on vaccine development. The two organizations began collaborating in 2013, and they later worked together to develop an Ebola vaccine. In 2020, CanSino made a deal to collaborate with the NRC on development of the COVID-19 vaccine candidate Ad5-nCoV, with plans to conduct a clinical trial in Canada. Ad5-nCoV was the first COVID-19 vaccine candidate in the world to begin Phase II human trials.

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