ⓘ Project 2049 Institute

Project 2049 Institute

ⓘ Project 2049 Institute

The Project 2049 Institute is a think tank in Arlington, Virginia focusing on United States foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly as it relates to China and Taiwan.

The Institute was founded in 2008 by Randall Schriver and former US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Mark Stokes. Richard Armitage served as chairman until January 2020.

The Institute is strongly supportive of Taiwan, and has called for full normalization of relations between the United States and Taiwan. The Global Times, a tabloid managed by the Communist Party of China, has characterized the Project 2049 Institute as taking a hardline stance against China, noting a significant amount of its funding comes from the Taiwanese government. The Institute has been criticized for promoting hawkish policies toward China that could potentially benefit major defense contractors that support it, as well as clients of several officers independent consulting firm.

In February 2020 Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen received Project 2049 Institute chairman Randall Schriver at the Presidential Office in Taipei.

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