The abbreviation SSFC may refer to, in terms of educational establishments:

  • Shrewsbury Sixth Form College, Shropshire
  • Sir Sandford Fleming College, Ontario
  • Solihull Sixth Form College, West Midlands
  • Stockton Sixth Form College, Stockton-on-Tees
  • Scarborough Sixth Form College, North Yorkshire

and in terms of sport, to:

  • Southland Spirit FC
  • Sivutsa Stars F.C.
  • Sony Sugar F.C.
  • Seattle Sounders FC
  • Shanghai Shenhua F.C.
  • Stourport Swifts F.C.
  • Sagawa Shiga F.C.
  • South Shields F.C.
  • South Sydney Football Club

and also, to:

  • Special Security Force Command, a paramilitary law enforcement body in Bahrain
  • South Shields Folk Club, South Shields

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