ⓘ Aero A.32

Aero A.32

ⓘ Aero A.32

The Aero A.32 was a biplane built in Czechoslovakia in the late 1920s for army co-operation duties including reconnaissance and tactical bombing. While the design took the Aero A.11 as its starting point, the aircraft incorporated significant changes to make it suited for its new low-level role.

A. 11 day, A. 32 provided Aero with an export support in the Finnish air force, which purchased 16 aircraft in 1929 as the A. 32IF and A. 32GR, who spent most of his service as instructors. They were assigned a room of journalists-49 – Data-64 and were used until 1944. At least one fuselage has survived, preserved in the Finnish air force Museum in storage since 2003.

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