ⓘ Aero A.34

Aero A.34

ⓘ Aero A.34

The Aero A.34 Kos was a small sports and touring biplane built in Czechoslovakia in the 1930s.

It was developed in 1929. The design was similar to De Havilland Gipsy Moth. From conventional biplane configuration and wooden construction, it featured wings that can be folded to allow it to be towed to and from airfields in the car width 2.91 m

Prototype Registration l-Baso was 85 HP radial engine Walter VEGA. He took part in the competition of International competition in 1929 manned Josef Novak, but had to be abandoned due to engine failure and crash-landing on 8 August 1929.

Seven A. 34S and its variants, built on the Aero, with different engines: three A. 34J with Walter Junior engine, and three A. 134 S. had 100 HP Walter Venus. They were used as trainers and sport planes on the Czechoslovak civil and military aviation.