ⓘ Bremer


ⓘ Bremer

  • Bremer Bay, Western Australia
  • Bremer Island
  • Bremer River disambiguation
  • Bremer Marine Park
  • Bremer County, Iowa
  • Bremers Lake, a lake in McLeod County, Minnesota

1. Other uses

  • Bremer StraSenbahn AG, German public transport provider
  • Stadion an der Bremer Brucke, a German sports stadium
  • Bremer Vulkan, a German shipbuilding company
  • ATSV 1860 Bremen, a German football club, also known as Bremer SC
  • The Bremer Institute of TAFE, an Australian TAFE institute
  • The Report of the National Commission on Terrorism, also known as the Bremer Commission
  • Bremer wall, used for protection by American forces in Iraq

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